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06 October 2008

Macam Mana kita melihat?

This one book that I had read it long-long time ago, 1 year back... Hopefully i can still share something.. Tentang Cinta, by Ustaz Pahrol..

People may ask, why do you love somebody?.. One thing that Mr Pahrol shared with us, was that about How to ‘look’ in a different way.. He gave and example about a husband and wife, and it was more or less like this…………..

If u love becoz of the beauty, it wouldn’t remain forever.. If u love bcoz u think that your wife has very nice, pretty eyes, no, that is not a strong reason for u to love.. If u love somebody bcoz you love the sweet voice, sweet words, that also wasn’t a good reason for u to love..

What happen if the wife doesn’t have those nice eyes anymore due to accidents for example, and the beauty fades away because of the old age, and she cannot speak properly anymore?... where can you find other reasons for you to love your wife? The beauty has gone, the voice is euwhhh-is not nice like those days anymore… So what is your reason to love her?

And have u ever think, why does human always look and find reasons based on physical or something that we can see? Lets us look something in a different way.. Instead of looking at the beauty of the eyes, why don’t we look how much had she cried for us to share the sadness wit us, every tears for us… Instead of looking at the nice, smooth hand and tell everyone that it is the reason we love our wife, why don’t we look how hard she had working for us, for family…. And that wrinkled-face, that always obey us, that always give the right response whenever it should be-smile, cheer, love, jealous, calm, and so on..

Yes, try to look things in different view, and you’ll find what is behind it.. What I want to stress here is, our mistakes are,we always look things the way we want it to be, not the way it should be… I’ve learned this the hard way too… So many things that I thought is better and I really want it, but never get it.. Soon, I learned, yes, that’s not the best for me.. Sometimes, till now, I still couldn’t find what’s the real reason Allah didn’t give me what I want, but realized that only He knows what are the best for His creations..…
See, I had missed so many things already in my life..
So put your trust in Allah …

Learn to see..

"Pandangan mata selalu menipu pandangan akal selalu tersalah
Pandangan nafsu selalu melulu, pandangan hati itu yang hakiki
Kalau hati itu BERSIH"

3 komentar:

pulasan007 said...

very the true...

aen_aisyah said...

idop k.izat!!!

Miss Ishak said...

Entri nih entri zaman dulu kala..Mengepos semula.