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27 December 2008

Lessons Being a Medical Student

After 4 years being a medical student, they are few lessons I got throughout the years, but pretty much important for everyone in medical line to look and take care of. Being a medical student..

1. Do not attempt
This is the very first lesson I’ve been thought. Thru the specially designated MCQs question, you are certainly wrong if you attempt to answer (and get the answer wrong off course), mark will be deducted though. So no points you answer the others correct. So the moral is :

a. Answer only those you know you will get it right

b. Attempt on those question that you did not know all the five stems (a,b,c,d) at all. Whether you attempt 1 stem or attempt all 5 stems ‘true’. Owh, there were actually so many formula and tips from your lecturer on how to answer.
But you can attempt during your clinical year, especially during the clinical parts. (Not in MCQs). But beware, certain lecturers dont like it. Unless you look confident or act as if you are confident, they surely accept your answer.

2. Do not assume
You might failed if you have this ‘assuming’ syndrome. No one should possess this syndrome. It is so dangerous in your clinical years if you assume your patient to be this, to have that. I learned this the hard way too. Not every “Ahmad” is a non drinker, and not every “Saleha” is ‘not sexually active’. Also not every ‘Cheng’ is a smoker, and not every pregnant lady is a married one. You ask them to make sure, not to assault or stereotype them. Those information are damn important in the medical aspect.

So ask them in the most appropriate, non judgemental way.

Watch your manner. Explain why you need to ask so.

Because patient is your priority and you need to respect them.

Sometimes patient get angry when suddenly you ask, “Akak ada merokok, minum-minum arak?” Well, I myself might certainly get mad too if somebody ask me those kind of question. “Hey I’m Malay, and look at me, I wear scarf, is that not enough to tell you, young doctors, that I’m not smoking?” this is what should have take place in my broken *sigh* heart if I become that patient. Well, how to ask and how to explain is also thought and done differently by everyone. This is my style;

“Pakcik, mintak maaf kalau saya tanya soalan ni, tapi saya memang kena tanya jugak ye. Soalan perubatan ni pakcik. (Pause for seconds) Emm, pakcik ada merokok ke, (pause) minum-minum, (pause) ambil dadah?” with serious intonation and voice, and at the same time put my pen on the paper, ready to write, and direct my eyes straight to the skecth paper after asking the patient. Well, so that they saw that I’m serious, plus I dont want to be judgemental too. This is when it will be the most crucial, serious part in the history taking.

“Tak buat semua tu. Hmm, takde.”

“Ok ok. Saya memang kena tanya semua ni dengan semua pesakit ye pakcik. Bukan saje-saje tanye.”

Pakcik angguk.

After that the situation back to normal again.

Sometimes patient laugh and said “Minum ape? Akak minum air masak.” (They made jokes, perhaps) Then we will laugh together and, as usual sometimes I told them how uneasy it is to ask them those question. They replied me, “Biaselah tu dik.” Well, not all patient is like this. Ups, that’s enough I think for this point.

I’ve listed other lessons I learned being a medical student down here.

3. Straight forward, keep short, simple and sweet

4. No cheating

5. You are always wrong

6. You start, dont wait them to

7. Anticipate

8. Confident but humble

9. Either eat more or no time to eat

10. Punctual. (Be first and last out)

But I decided to keep them unexplained yet. I will do that if I have time later. Pray that I have some. ~Well, the lesson you get from me. -Medical students always look very busy eventhough sometimes they are absolutely not-

“Serulah semua manusia kejalan Tuhanmu secara bijaksana, dan berilah peringatan secara lemah lembut, dan berbahaslah dengan jalan yang paling baik” – Qur’an 16:125

7.43 a.m

6 komentar:

Sop said...

1. don't attempt MCQs, but you have to attempt procedures (in clinical lah). offer yourself all the time but don't outdo the rest of the class (no offense meant to anyone).

2. sometimes, in our little perfect world of USIM and usrah, we tend to disassociate ourselves from the real world that our ummah lives in. and when we go to the hospital, we get a culture shock - is this how Muslims live nowadays? what have we been doing all this time?

3. doc: pakcik merokok?
pt: dah berhenti dah.
doc: bile?
pt: semalam, bile masuk hospital. hehe..

lesson: tanye biar habis.

pulasan007 said...

r u sure we tend to diasassociate ourselves from the real world or we choose to?i really doubt that.hehe

Kamek said...

wow, sedar tak sedar, nak graduate dah. Thanx for sharing dear. yg no 5 tu, "you're always wrong" ??
Hmm.. moga dimudahkan segala urusan. Sayang Izzat

Miss Ishak said...

Sempat jawab 'kamek' je dulu.
insyaAllah mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan.

For some reasons, kita selalunya kena ngakuk kita yang salah.

Contoh, lecturer lupak masuk kelas. Kita yang besalah sebab sik ngingat nya. All those thing will come together la. Sik boleh assume lecturer ya ingat nya ada kelas, tapi pastikan nya ingat.

Walaupun kita bukan ketua kelas, tapi kan kita leh ngingat ketua kelas.
Well Ayat, i dont know how my friends will perceive that, but for me, I also shared the wrongness, eventhough the small part of it.
I mean, I'll blame myself first, then others.
Hmm, that's all, a very simple explanation from me.

Izat really miss ayat!!

syassakii said...

salam..akhirnya,tulis jugak pengalaman waktu study..bila2 lapang tulis la lagi post mcm ni..jadi inspirasi..good luck in your GP posting

Miss Ishak said...

Sop & Pulasan007

That's a good reason for us guys not to close our eyes from looking outside.
Get indulge into the outside world. "Indulge" with a good title, as a Daie, good neighbour, friends..
Do not deny what is happening out there..
And seeing and observing are not enough Sop, pulasan007,and even myself, what can we do to cater them?
Living in this world,we are not only doctors, medical students or 'dengan kata sekularnya' - government servant.
Dont forget the most biggest rule, as 'hamba' and 'khalifah'.
We can retire from being government servant (even in private sectors), but never retired being 'hamba' and 'khalifah'.

I'm sorry again.. Tak bermaksud nak membebel.

Yes Sop, I agree with "biar tanye habis"- TQ for the completion of that point.